North Dakota Incorporations in Agri-business

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North Dakota is a top agricultural state, with 25-percent of the economy built around agriculture directly. Thirty-thousand or so farms and ranches produce spring wheat, barley, durum, canola (oil) and various pulse crops, such as peas and beans. The total population of the state is only 630,000 with half of it living on farms or rural communities. In terms of your North Dakota Incorporation, it may be in agriculture or even in cellulosic ethanol technology, one of the possible ways to increase production of ethanol for gasoline. Crops for ethanol and bio-diesel include corn, soybeans, canola and in the future, even switch grass, or other tough fibers. North Dakota is also a top producer of all wheat, honey, and other crops for vegetable oils. There is also livestock production, mainly cattle and calves. The wetter Red River Valley is dominated by farms, with the chief crops being sugar beets, soybeans and corn. Cattle ranches are more common in the southwest. Honey is produced in the central part of the state

North Dakota is also known for its wildlife and hiking trails, including part of the historic Lewis & Clark trail to explore the future United States. There are several casinos and other indoor entertainment as well. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is known as a perfect place to view the North Dakota Badlands. In Medora, near the park in western North Dakota, there are motels to stay at or you can stay at a working ranch. There is horseback riding and cattle ranching, and you are near the Maah-Daah Hey Trail. This 97-mile trail has camping facilities along its length. Cross Ranch State Park is along the Lewis & Clark trail and also has several miles of a totally undeveloped area of the Missouri River. There you can fish walleye, pike and bass. This area can be explored in the winter time by cross-country skiing.

The largest city in the state is Fargo, population 90,000, or in its metropolitan area, 190,000. The city sits on the Red River, in the flat region known as the Red River Valley. The city of Fargo has a growing economy based on food processing, manufacturing, technology, retail trade, higher education, and healthcare. The largest non-governmental employers in the city include MeritCare Health System, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, and Microsoft. North Dakota State University is the largest public sector employer in the city. Notable private companies include BBI International, a leading bio-fuels firm, Cass-Clay Creamery – a local creamery, and Microsoft. Phoenix International is a John Deere Company that manufactures electronics for on-road and off-road vehicles.

Bismarck is the capital of the state with a population of 55,000, and the main employer is the state government. It is also a regional medical center, with the Bismarck Cancer Center. It is also the home of three universities,

North Dakota has the only state-owned bank in the United States, the Bank of North Dakota. The bank, by law, holds all funds of all state and local government agencies in North Dakota. The North Dakota Mill and Elevator is a state-owned flour mill. BNSF and the Canadian Pacific Railway operate rail systems in the state.

Question: In North Dakota, how big can a motorcycle engine be before you actually need to get a motorcycle license?
I want a motorcycle with a small enough cc engine that I don’t need to go through the motorcycle license training and can just ride with my regular no restriction drivers license in North Dakota?

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Answer by RoadyRider
Check with your local DMV since it may vary from state to state and things are usually very different here in the Peoples Republic of California…….

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  1. MCXD says:

    im not sure but i think anything bigger than 49cc

  2. GenMischief says:

    Dont screw yourself over.

    Take the training. Get legal, and ride anything you want too.